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For 40 years, Botanic Garden has been a serene and comforting presence amidst the increasing busyness of our everyday lives. As the world races around us, the most recognised collection in British ceramics is still holding the fort at the centre of home and family life – a secret garden in which to enjoy the good times.

Botanic Garden makes everyday occasions special – like an enjoyable Sunday breakfast with the family, or afternoon tea and a catch-up with friends. Each and every ceramic piece is made with care, attention and love, passing through 22 pairs of hands before being ready for a home.

…the deep, pure white of the delicate pottery, the flowery motifs synonymous with British ceramic design, the unexpected butterflies interspersed amongst the flowers…

The concept is timeless, yet as fashions have changed, new flowers have been introduced to replace older motifs, and the collection has followed us into the modern era. But every piece, new and old, continues to tell the magical Botanic Garden story.

Mixed motifs around outside & inside
size 29cm (11.5″)
Combines great product design and functionality
mixed motifs
Dishwasher, Microwave,freezer safe
Flowers and butterflies decorated with delicate and realistic depiction of the period irrespective of the time invigorate the natural vibrancy of contemporary dining table, while the luxurious design has a lot of space for breakfast, tea time, I will.The botanical gardens, which show off the diversity and sophistication of flowers and butterflies and craftsmanship, are based on deep and delicate colors. With the passion and perspiration constantly changing, the trends of fashion have changed with the years, Patterns are also on display continuously.

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